About Me

When I began this walk to a simpler life, I didn't actually know that was what I wanted.  I started down this path in 2010 thanks to a good friend of mine.  She had been telling me about the sorts of physical and mental ills she had had most of her life, and how eliminating certain things from her diet-in this case gluten and casein- had completely changed all of that.  That caught my interest right away, as I have a family background of mental health issues myself.  In fact, as a teenager, I was diagnosed with an "anxiety disorder."  Right away I was medicated for it, and remained medicated for the following 10 or so years.
     Not long after she had begun sharing this information with me, she turned me and my now husband onto a documentary titled The Beautiful Truth.  Suddenly so much made sense.  Suddenly there was so much to be afraid of, yet so much to hope for just in the knowing.  Up until this point, cancer seemed so scary and so mysterious.  I had thought before "Why is it that anyone at any age can get cancer?  It's like some sort of mysterious game of Russian roulette is being played with our lives."  Now it wasn't so mysterious anymore.  Learning about the sorts of very unnatural things that we do to and put into our food, and also understanding how diet truly plays a gigantic role in both mental and physical health, my husband and I decided right then and there that we were going to start growing our own food.  What other way could you possibly be sure of what you were putting into your body?  And further more, why hadn't we thought of this sooner!?  Haha!
     As I began researching how to grow our own food organically, I stumbled upon a little thing called permaculture.  Now THIS really made sense.  While I'm reading all of this stuff about growing food organically, this little nagging voice in the back of my mind is making me wonder how I can mess all of this up; how I can go wrong trying to grow things on my own for the first time ever in my entire life; how in the world I'm ever going to manage to keep all of this information in mind with each plant's specific needs.  But this permaculture thing, the more I read, the more I knew I COULDN'T go wrong.
     So, we started learning, we started applying tidbits here and there to our lives.  The journey began and has been ever evolving since.  The more we learned, the more we realized how much freedom one could actually have by growing one's own food and medicine.  The more we learned, the more our priorities in life began to seem a little out of whack.  Now we look at the world around us and think "Is this really how we were meant to live our lives?"  and we hear in the very depths of our being a resounding "NO!"
    So I am here to share with you this journey.  And not just for the sake of sharing, though that is cathartic in itself; but also in hopes of reciprocation.  I know we are not the only neophyte gardeners out there.  I HOPE we are not the only ones here, in Etowah County, Alabama.  So to all the others out there that look at this life and want something more, yet something far simpler, join me in this journey and share it with me.  We may be few, yet working together we are fierce!
     With that being said, know that by no means do I ever want to seem preachy.  I am simply voicing my own thoughts, opinions, and experiences.  I believe we all choose to believe what we believe-that includes me.  What I think is right, is what is right for me.  If you feel the way I do about the things I write, GREAT!  If not, please do not take it as a slight or as a way of putting down your own views.  I believe the world runs best when most diverse-this includes anything from belief to business models to plant diversity.  And I think beliefs are not always religious by nature.  It can just be how we feel about a bit of information we've read-what resonates with us.
     So, please enjoy the journey with me, and try not to hold it against me ;p