Friday, April 17, 2015

A Brief Interlude

     So I've been away for quite some time now.  I could use excuses like: 1) I moved; and 2) I only recently reestablished internet at home.  However, it is probably better to just admit that I am a terribly inconsistent person.  I won't even cut my hair because I'm afraid I'll freak out when I get in the mood to do an up-do (but dang is it tempting sometimes......).

     A lot has happened in these last seven months: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, my mother-in-law moving in and putting her house up for sale, my mother-in-law moving back into her house and NOT having to sell it, found a site called Vinted, met a king snake on my stairs, Easter, ***SPRING SPRING SPRING*** and some plant sales, met a salamander...

     My wonderful husband has done so much work transforming our new yard into a yarden.

  (With only minimal help from Tuut)<3 i="">

He started back in the fall with the Fukuoka-style hugulkulture beds and has made a lot of progress this spring.  He has even started a little greenhouse out of some donated windows.

     We also got a membership with the Arbor Day Foundation and received some trees in the mail.  So our sustainable food forest and mini farm IS in the works you guys!

     Also, at about age 25 I went through an awakening of personal awareness and it was beautiful and wonderful and all things great,  I feel like I might be going through a second stage.  It is a little tougher this time, however, as I am aware of so much still, but feel like I have less control of it all.  I do think that a lot of things I've been dealing with internally for so long now are starting to surface, and though it is difficult, the growth from it all will be amazing.  I say all of that to say this:  this blog may become a small source of therapy for me.  So prepare for some things to get really real-haha!  I'm sure the transformation of both my home and of me and my family will be beautiful. :3

Well, until next time, happy spring everybody!!!!