Monday, April 20, 2015

A Big Smiles Happy Moment

     I just wanted to share one of those over-the-top-smiled-so-big-made-my-face-hurt-happy moments.  Last night our Little Lady had two firsts that filled me with such joy that it has burst over and carried into today.

     I just love the mimicking stage.  It is so cute to watch them learn and grow and grapple with new words, actions, and even concepts.  So, unavoidably, Flora has really been getting into being helpful around the garden.

Let me tell you, she watered the heck out of those wheat grass seeds.

What kid doesn't love water play?

     So, anyhoo, this is what she did: 1) She put on her little rain boots all by herself (seriously guys, I didn't even notice she was doing it....).  Then she went and climbed up to the dining room table (NOT a first) and grabbed a packet of newly purchased seeds (purchased from here ), walked to the door and 2) said "Plant seeds!"

     We definitely have a little nature baby.  Hopefully she will grow to be a nature kid, and thus a nature person.  Our fingers are crossed!