Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rusticating Dream: Numero Uno


     First off, folks........(dramatic pause)........WE GOT THE HOUSE^^^!!!  WOO-HOO!!  So now all of that fantasizing my husband and I have done about this property can begin to take form. :D  I've definitely got a few big dreams that I hope to see come true before this life passes me by.  The most complete of those dreams is this: to live in a WOFATI on a sustainable mini farm with a food forest.

There would be an amazing tree house somewhere on the property, along with a solar dehydrator.  Also, if necessary, I'd have a rocket mass heater .

     I'd say the longest range dream is the WOFATI.  The most achievable of the dreams I have, starting out, is probably getting a goat and/or some chickens.  But the one that seems to be taking up most of my daydreaming, currently, is the rocket mass heater.  I suppose that is because it would completely cut one of my costs.  Yes, fair reader, you read correct.  I said completely.  See, our house is heated with gas.  It is the only thing in our house that runs on gas.  So a rocket mass heater would not only be super avant garde, but it would be super efficient.
     Rocket mass heaters were originally just super efficient wood burning stoves.  A man by the name of Ianto Evans came up with the design for people in third world countries.  The book he wrote is actually, quite simply, titled Rocket Mass Heaters .  Then along came this AMAZING couple named Ernie and Erica Wisner (click the link to see a video of them talking about their rocket mass heater designs).  Now these cats understand fire!  They have brought the original designs a loooong way.  They've created them to fit all sorts of individual needs: from small one room cottages to 3 story houses! Aaaand the plans are for sale at their store on (If you use my links, I get a wee bit of the money you spend.  Please and thank you! :D ).  They even include a basic guide for beginners who have no clue what they are getting into, playing with fire in such a way as this.
     I had never ever heard of such a thing, but as I always do, I must hearken back to those podcasts (this links directly to Paul's store, but if you wish to buy the podcasts, you can also use the links I've listed at the bottom of some of my other blogs):D
     You know, I started this blog in hopes to not only share some awesome information and ideas, but also to hopefully draw in those who live nearby (Etowah County and thereabouts)-that have the same ideas-into open discussions about what they have done/will do.  I'm hoping to find a circle of like minded guys and gals that I could correspond and eventually barter with.  I don't quite think I'll ever live directly in a community full of people who look at this world quite the same way, but I know you guys have to be out there somewhere!  Haha!
     So, if you like these sorts of things, check out some further reading/watching in the links throughout this page, and those listed below.  Give me some feedback.  Tell me what you think! :D

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