Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Black Locust: Poetic Goddess

                                              (Robinia pseudoacacia)

     As far as I can tell, these are very very important trees when establishing a food forest.  They definitely attract me with their flowers alone.  I'm like some small hummingbird wanting to take purchase in its drupes. Something about a cluster of flowers that hangs like that (*relaxing siiiigh*).  I also hear they are quite fragrant, which fits right into my "surrounded-by-super-fragrant-EVERYTHING" fantasy.
     Another thing that really intrigues me is that they are said to be very good wood for building things.  They are even legendary in this regard and are said to last 10 years longer than stone! In reality, the cut wood can last up to 500 years even in very wet conditions-much, much longer in dry.  The reason this is attractive to me is because I will hold on to my fantasy of "living-in-an-awesome-little-hobbit-hole-home-that-no-one-can-find" until I DIE!  Haha! (Those of you who have read my link to the WOFATI article will already understand.)
     And just for those of you who wonder where I may have picked up such an *inspirational* idea-the very specific "no-one-can-find" article of this fantasy-is from a Permies podcast where Paul was talking about someone actually evading government fining by telling them if they could find the home on his property, then they could fine him for it.  And guess what?!  They couldn't find it!  So I thought that was pretty amazing.
     So it's pretty, fragrant, and useful for woodworking.  That's great and all, but you may be wondering of what benefit it is to establishing a food forest.  Well, it turns out this beauty is also a nitrogen fixer.  On top of that, it is an expeditious grower-I'm thinking this can put it in the coppice category.  I'm continuing to look up all things Black Locust currently and will share the links I've found below; but if anyone has any of these on their property (especially if in or near Etowah County here in Alabama) and would like to share some information, stories of experience, or tips, please feel free to share.  Please and Thanks! :D

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