Friday, August 8, 2014

Some Heavy Awesome


    I watched a documentary titled Connected on Netflix last night per my husband's suggestion.  It was AMAZING!  It was about a surgeon names Leonard Shlain who wrote several books, one of them being titled The Alphabet Versus the Goddess (which I have recently purchased  here >> at for my magnificent husband).  It takes a look at how communication was developed and has changed over our lifespan here on Earth; at how we feel the need to be connected , and how technology has allowed that to the max.  It gives theory to what changes that it, in and of itself, has wrought.

     Another media treasure (of which I happened to find on my own this time :p ) I found last night was a video on Youtube.  It was Toby Hemenway talking about redesigning civilization with the use of permaculture.  It hit so many of the right buttons with me :D  One of THEEEEE best videos I've watched in a LONG LONG time. So amazing! If you are into history, religion, geography, agriculture, permaculture, philanthropy, philosophy, anthropology...So many amazing things and connections and points. Oh man! It's amazing! Did I mention that it is amazing?! So refreshing (Ahhh)

It was a night full of heavy awesome!

     If you really like this guy, Toby Hemenway, you should also delve into some of Paul Wheaton's stuff.  He has actually interviewed and worked with this guy a bit.  You can check out all sorts of amazing forums at  (For those who don't already know this trick, I learned it there:  If you want to search a special topic you can go to your search bar and type whatever you're looking for :) )  
     You can also read some amazing articles at his other site,  I've learned a lot from his material.  Mostly I've enjoyed going back and listening over to his podcast.  I feel like I really learned the most from those starting out.  I didn't really get into the articles, videos, and forums until I had went well into listening for a while.  If you are interested in ways to comprehend permaculture more simplistically, or maybe you'd like to search out more sources and resources to hear from or learn about Toby Hemenway, I have listed the links to his podcasts below:

Permies Podcasts 041-080  >>There's some Toby Hemenway in there, guys :D