Wednesday, June 4, 2014

*Not Sayin' My Geees

*Note: Hence forth on this blog this asterisk "*" will forever more denote the fact that I have just used a reference to an inside joke you probably don't get.  If you DO happen to be a person who gets it, you may possibly be my new favorite person...... OR you may be someone who is ALREADY one of my favorite persons. :D  That being said,, shall we?

     You know, I've barely even begun to tread water with this blog thing, and already it seems to be improving my grammar dramatically.  I used to write a bit in school, and a little outside of highschool, and it seems like I probably was better about it then.  However, something just seems to happen to you after living a while with people who use lazy southern speak almost all of the time.  At first it starts out innocent imitation-being silly here, poking a bit of fun there.  But then it sinks down deeeeeep inside of you and takes root.  One day you realize it feels like a literal struggle to add the gs onto the end of words they belong to!
     Why is this?  Why does not the other party's grammar improve?  I suppose it is a question in the same ball park of: "Why does a dirty foot make a clean shoe stink?  Why doesn't the foot then just smell like a clean shoe?"