Saturday, June 21, 2014

FORKS!......That is All

     As I sit at work sucking on a cinnamon disk offered me by our friendly security guard, I find myself wondering "Where are all the forks?"  Seriously, guys?!  Where are they?!  It's not just here; it's at home, too.  I'd say in the last month, the fork population of both my kitchen and the one here at work has dwindled by more than half.
     Are the forks partying hard while we're away?  Sneaking out to Suzy's house, having too good of a time, and forgetting to wander back home?  Is there a tiny tine-hording dragon slinking in the shadows?  Are the little people having a hoe down and need to barricade the dance because Senor Mouse is not invited!?
     Or maybe it's you.  Yeah, you!  Are you waiting until all backs are turned and building up your collection?  Either way, there is a lot of fork washing going on around me.  Just saying.....where'd they go, man?