Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another Block That Built the Path

          My husband and I both had Monday off-HUZZZAH!  Our little lady baby took a nap that lasted more than an hour-DOUBLE HUZZAH!  We got to go out and putter in the yarden.  Now my husband has been pretty much on his own tending to it since last Spring.  Being pregnant then having a small baby has called me to other duties elsewhere. :)  So it was a much appreciated day in the yarden for me.  I gave our beautiful giant comfrey bush a trim.  I pulled grass out of the beds.  I snipped the dead heads off of the May Night Sage.  I genereally reveled.  This may sound boring, or maybe even a bit too much like work to some people, but it was not like that at all.  My husband got really excited and grabbed up the camera and started taking pictures of everything.
     "You just can't help yourself can you?  When you take a picture of a plant, you HAVE to get one of those really close up pictures of the flowers, don't you?"  He nodded and have a giant grin on his  beautiful bearded face :D   "I feel like a tourist,"  he said.
     The yarden was in much need of a photographic update.  I've taken pictures of EVERY THING for the last three years.  My baby related duties (and those other duties left in the baby duties' wake) have left me slacking.  He may not have got all of the shots I would have (:p), but I think people (and later when I look back, I) will be able to get the gist.  For anyone who is interested, I will link my Facebook account below so you may go straight there to look at them.  They have the year dated at the beginning of the descriptions.  Beware of two things: 1) they are long and specific descriptions-teehee!, and 2)because I take pictures of a lot of the same things each year, a lot of pictures may be a bit repetitive.
     I just can't help it, ya know?  Taking pictures each year when each plant begins to show after you've had just about enough of the winter blues.  And then when those new flowers pop out!  Oooooooh man.  I can never ignore them.  They shout out to me to shower them with camera kisses.  Those flowers are such vainglorious ladies and gentlemen.
     And no one can forget the busy little friends who come to help these wonderful green and growing things spread far and wide, ensuring their future progeny.  They pretend to be very shy, but they are just begging you to try a little harder-to work for it a bit (can't be too lazy now).
     Then, last but not least, the wildlings (disclaimer: this is NOT a Game of Thrones reference, but a word that has a literal definition in the dictionary.....though the dictionary definition can be equally applied to the Game of Thrones reference :p).  Above is a picture of one of those wildlings.  One that most people would probably just weed whack, mow down, or-for the very serious destroyers out there- (bum bum buuuuuum) spray with Roundup D:  But this plant has seemingly magical properties.  I read in a great and wonderful book titled The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook by James Green that if you have been bitten by a brown recluse, you can drink the juice of this plant and it will actually fight off the poisoning.
     Now this makes perfect sense to me because this plant is an instant cure for the stinging or itching caused from a bug's sting or bite.  I actually stepped close enough to a bee in sandals two summers ago (while having a yard sale) to prick an innocent bee's survival instincts and caused it to sting the side of my foot.  The pain was burning.  I reached down and picked a plantago leaf, chewed it enough to get the juices in it flowing, and applied it to the sting.  It quit hurting IMMEDIATELY!
     It really is one thing to read something, but something else to see (or in this case, feel) the actual results.  Maybe because when you read something that resonates with you, you want for it so badly to be true.  I think that is the way with anything you believe.  So to see what you believe to be true actually is, is quite reaffirming :)
     So, the funny thing about all that I've shared is that it was meant to lead into a blog about permaculture......However, I got a bit side tracked reliving this special hour out and about the yarden with my husband-haha!  Thinking about trompsing around, admiring all the diversity in our little lot, baby monitor on my hip, lifting it to my ear every few minutes just to make sure.  SOooo I suppose I will talk about that at another time (please, in your mind's ear, imagine hearing the words in italics in a southern girl's voice doing a probably poor imitation of a very proper French lady.)

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